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Return to Play Start Date Announced!

Good Evening HCL Families,   Happy 2022 to you all. In these uncertain times we sincerely hope all our members had an enjoyable Holiday Season and were able to take some time to be with family and friends.   Now the New Year has begun, we are turning our attention back to the rink in the hopes of getting our athletes back on the ice in a manner that is safe for all of our families. We understand and appreciate that every family has their own unique set of circumstances and their own acceptable level of risk. As we begin to roll out our return to play it is important for every family to know our intent is to allow our athletes to participate within their comfort level . If at this time you feel you cannot allow your athlete to return to play, please let us know.  We feel this decision is a personal one, and deciding not to participate will have no bearing on your players standing with the association, nor does it preclude your athlete  from returning to play  for the remainder of the year at a later date.    At this time, Ringette Nova Scotia has paused all play until January 12th, 2022. Therefore, we expect to return to the ice on January 13th, 2022.  As always, this is dependent upon the Public Health restrictions in place.   We have outlined the return to play below.  Over the next week further communications will come from team staff regarding cohorts and practice times. We respectfully ask you do not email your team coaches and staff asking for accommodations or player cohort requests.    Return to play outline:   1. Current restrictions in place will allow cohorts of 10 on the ice. These cohorts of 10 include coaches, team staff and players. We are allowed two cohorts of 10 on the ice.   2. Cohorts cannot share dressing rooms, ice surface entry doors, intermingle for scrimmages, or have any other interaction at the rink. Players must stay consistent (no swapping between practices). Please ensure your player understands these rules. We appreciate, especially for younger players, this may be difficult to follow, however it is how they will help keep us on the ice.   3. For athlete safety, a third cohort of two adults with safety checks will remain on the bench. In the event of an emergency these two adults will assume responsibility for the impacted cohort or impacted player , depending on the situation.   4. All players must arrive fully dressed with the exception of skates and helmets. All players must leave fully dressed with the exception of skates and helmets. There are no exceptions to this rule. In order to maintain social distancing, coaches may communicate staggered arrival times for players. Please make every effort to comply with this request and arrive on time.   5. Parents will be allowed in to tie skates if required and is at the coaches discretion. Social distancing must be maintained at all times in the dressing room and parents must leave the rink immediately after. If parents are coming into the rink to tie skates, be prepared to show proof of vaccine. Please do not bring additional minor children with you.   6. There are no spectators permitted. At this time, no livestreaming will be permitted as every person in the rink will have other responsibilities.   7. Masks must be worn in the dressing rooms and while entering and leaving the rink. Masks can only be removed once helmets go on and should be delayed until right before the players go on the ice. When masks are removed in the dressing rooms, players should try to socially distance as much as possible.   8. Contact tracing information and processes will be sent out in a separate document from Lindsay Campbell this evening. Please pay close attention to the process and note that contact tracing notification to teams will be done by the association. A flow chart will be provided that parents should print off to know what steps to take in the event of illness. Players and families should be aware that they may be required to isolate. As further safety requirements are developed they will be communicated to your team.   By early next week you will receive information from your coaches concerning cohorts and information concerning staggered arrival times if applicable. We ask for your patience as we navigate these restrictions and understand we may have to make adjustments as circumstances arise or as more information becomes available. Our main goal is to ensure our athletes are able to return to the ice in a manner which is safe for them and our families. At this time we would like to extend our gratitude to our coaching staff; this is a large undertaking and we appreciate they are willing to do everything they can to get our athletes back to the sport we all love.   If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your team manager.   Regards   Karen Hicks President, Harbour City Lakers Ringette Association  
Jan 7, 2022

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