Welcome to HCL registration for the 2021-2022 season.
Registration Deadline: September 15, 2021.  Any registrations after this date will be subject to the availability of space on a training group or team.
The link to Registration is at the bottom of this page. Please review the information before proceeding to register.  This online registration process works best using a desktop or laptop. Please avoid using a mobile device, as the process may not complete properly and you will not be registered. You will receive both a confirmation of registration online as well as an emailed confirmation.

Returning players will need an Access Code. There is a link within the registration form to retrieve it. If you have trouble, please contact Vicky at
New players: After August 23rd, contact Vicky at for a coupon code for no late fee.

Please note that athletes born in 2013 may play in either the U9 or U10 division. If unsure, please reach out.

  Returning Players New players What to expect-(subject to change from year to year):
  Early Bird- before August 23, 2021 Returning Fee, after August 23, 2021 Any time
Born 2013 - 2017
$415 $465 $415 U7 & U9-2 icetimes/week
U9 – will play games in U9 loop second half of the season
Born 2012 & 2013
$755 $805 $755 2 half ice practices + 1 game/week
Born 2010 & 2011
$755 $805 $755 2 half ice practices + 1 game/week

Born 2008 & 2009
$755 $805 $755 2 half ice practices + 1 game/week

Born 2006 & 2007
$755 $805 $755 2 half ice practices + 1 game/week

Born 2003 - 2005
$420 $470 $420 1 game/week
Players invited to play at the T1 level will be subject to pay additional $335 for practice ice (as listed above)
18+/Open TBD TBD TBD Link to adult page

Payment must be received by the association before players will be permitted on the ice.
There are 2 payment options: by credit card (full amount only) or by EFT. EFT payment instructions are included in the registration form and will be on the confirmation email. Please follow these directions carefully. If neither of these payment options are possible, please contact the registrar at There will be a $25.00 charge for NSF cheques.
For instalment payments, Returning players registering before August 22

  Payment 1:
By August 23
Payment 2
September 30
Payment 3
October 30
U7/U9 $175 $140 $100 $415
U10-U16 & U19T1 $250 $255 $250 $755
U19 (T2) $175 $145 $100 $420

Returning players registering after August 23rd

  Payment 1:
Payment 2
September 30
Payment 3
October 30
U7/U9 $225 $140 $100 $465
U10-U16 & U19T1 $300 $255 $250 $805
U19 (T2) $225 $145 $100 $470

Tryout fees are required before first ice time.
If you have any registration questions please contact Vicky Miller (, Registrar, HCL Ringette Association.
When registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation to the initial email entered on the form.
Financial Assistance:  Financial assistance is available for children involved in sport in Nova Scotia through the following programs.

Application for funding assistance under these programs is the responsibility of individual families. Please advise Vicky at the time of registration (by email or in the notes section of the registration form) that an application has been made to either of these programs.
A few housekeeping items:

  1. Releases: if you were approved for release to another association in the 2020-21 season (or earlier season) you will need to request a new release for this season.
  2. Player Movement Requests: you MUST register in the division that matches the player's age you are registering. If you wish for the player to play at an age division above or below, you MUST formally request that using the Movement request form. (see above). Please enter the correct birthdate of your player when registering. Movement form
  3. A late fee of $50/player is charged to returning players if registration is completed after August 23rd, 2021. First (or full) payment must also be made by this date.
  4. There is a new code of conduct this year, a link to a Google form will be available on the registration form and must be signed as accepted by athletes, parents and coaches prior to participation.
  5. Family discount: a discount of $50 for three or more players from the same family will be applied to the third registration. All players must be registered at the same time for the discount to be applied. A coupon code is provided - enter on page 4
  6. Full-time goalies in U12 and above are eligible for a registration discount - please enter the coupon code on page 4.
  7. Tryout Fees: Tier 1 tryouts for U14, U16 and U19 only. The cost is $50.00/player to cover the cost of additional ice. The fee is selectable on the registration form online.
    1. Athletes who are successful in the U14T1 and U16T1 tryout process will be required to pay fees in addition to HCL registration fees- this is for additional ice costs, tournament fees and other team activities. A first installment, to be determined by the team, will be due upon team selection; further payment will be dependent on team expenditures. This is generally discussed with parents at the first team meeting.
    2. U19 players that are invited to play at the T1 level will be required to pay an additional registration fee ($355)
  8. U14, U16 and U19: HCL will determine teams in these divisions based on registration numbers, the Rules & Regulations of the Central Region Ringette League, and the skill levels of athletes.
  9. Additional Fees: In addition to these base registration fees, all teams, both recreational and competitive will require additional funds to cover the costs of tournaments, teambuilding events, etc.  This amount will vary from team to team and will come from parent contribution and/or team fundraising. Again, this is generally discussed with parents at the first team meeting.
  10. Back on Blades: Registration for this preseason conditioning ice-sessions will be separate from full-season registration. Watch for email! 
  11. Please be prompt with payment. If no payment has been received for regular season fees, players will be unable to participate in any preseason ice (Back on Blades, Tier 1 evaluations or team balancing sessions).
  12. We are actively recruiting for coaches and board members. Please consider putting your name forward!