** Effective  March 7th,  2022 , all Managers must review the HCL Fundraising policy at the commencement of each season.


 The following are essential tools for managers to stay organized:

  • Team contact list (phone numbers/emails for ALL guardians)
  • Team bank account 
  • Contact lists - HCL, other teams
  • Schedules - practices, games, and parent volunteers for Shot Clock, Game Sheet and Time Clock
  • Game sheets – including blanks and extra labels
  • Notices
  • Arena information
  • Current financial information
  • Tournament details
  • Medical Information Forms (confidential) / Injury Report Forms

Contact List: Create and distribute a list of contacts for your team; this should be shared only be shared with team staff.

Game/Practice Essentials
In addition to a well-stocked, standard first aid kit, it is recommended that you have with you the following at every game and practice:

  • Address of the arena you are playing at, and knowledge of the nearest hospital.
  • Access to a cell phone.
  • Information on all the players, i.e.: emergency contacts, Health Card numbers, special needs for instance allergies to medications, etc.
  • Hardware bag including a multi-tipped screwdriver, pliers, clear tape, spare skate laces, and anything else required for minor equipment repairs.

Helpful documents and forms

Registration-Heath Form 

Budget Sheet

Out of Province Travel Form

Sport Injury Report Forms

Game sheet template (2)